Benefit Sun Beam

August 2, 2012
Benefit Sun Beam Β£18.50 Available from Benefit stores, counters and online 
The newest addition to the Moon Beam and High Beam Benefit family is Sun Beam! Packaged in the familiar nail polish style bottle, with lovely bronzed packaging, Benefit describe it as ‘sunshine in a bottle‘ and it certainly does give you a summery bronzed glow. This creates such a lovely cool bronze feel, with subtle gold and silver shimmer through it, on my cheeks it really makes them pop and glow. I was a little unsure at first about using a bronze highlighter, normally I like to use golden champagne colours however I was surprised at how much I have enjoyed using this. They didn’t disappoint with the formula either, much like Moon Beam (another fave) the creamy thick formula means you only need to dab on a couple of spots to create the perfect highlight – anymore that 4/5 will result in a very shimmery face!  I use 3 dots on each cheek and then if I am really going all out, I will blend another dot on my brow bone as a highlighter/primer. The other way to work Sun Beam is to mix it into your foundation to create a gorgeous bronzed dewy glow, something I have been doing when the sun decides to shine, it really leaves a lovely halo like glow to the skin.  This is set to become another Benefit cult product, with so many ways to wear it and suited for all skin types if you know how to apply it. I’m hooked to the sunkissed glow, now all I need is the sunshine to match!

Have you tried Sun Beam, Moon Beam or High Beam? What’s your favourite highlighting product?

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