The Body Shop: Baked eye shadows 2009 & 2010♥

July 3, 2010
♥2009 & 2010♥

At The Body Shop blogger’s event last year we were lucky to get the baked eye colours for their summer trend, and at the recent blogger’s event we were again lucky to get their new Baked to Last colours. It got me thinking, what is so different between them?! Let’s take a look..

Left to right: 2010 & 2009

First off the most noticable thing was the packaging, the newer design is totally clear, whereas last year they did a black bottom casing.

Personally I feel the new design is sleek, and nicer too look at, it also feels sturdier when holding the product.

The other obvious change is the product in the pan, last year there was 3 colours, with a marble effect and this year there are 2. 

I like the duo better again, with the 3 colours it got a little tricky to pick up a colour without mixing another one onto the brush at the same time. Look at how small the green section was, that annoyed me. So it is great they re-thought that concept.

Let’s talk about the formulation’s, 2009 wins by a long shot, much more creamy, smooth to apply, and much better pigmentation to the eye colours. The Body Shop have obviously not used the same formulation but i feel that 2009’s was better quality. 

2009 also had a gorgeous taupe brown trio eye colour, which I loved, if anyone has it and is willing to sell it leave a comment or email me! Have you tried these both, what one do you think is better?


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  • Reply Miss Krimson July 3, 2010 at 7:51 am

    I really like the 2010 one! Great colours!
    New follower here! Hope you can check my blog out and return the favour!

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