The Body Shop: Big and Curvy Mascara♥

September 14, 2010
So you have seen like 10000x reviews of this mascara, it was launched some time ago but I wanted to leave it a while before I tried it so that you aren’t sick to the teeth reading the same thing over and over.
The mascara claims to give 9 times more ‘volume and incredible curl’, with a formula that coats each lash from the root to tip, meaning you get a wide eye look with each lash being coated. Does it live up to these claims? For me it did, after reading a few negative reviews saying this did nothing and got gloopy black stuff in your eyes, I wasn’t looking forward to trying this at all. However, I got long fluttery lashes, and that stayed curled for a decent amount of time. This has become a favourite of mine, along with my HG Clinique High Lengths.
It doesn’t give me amazing volume, but enough to satisfy my needs for thick lashes. 
The brush is really thin, and long which is what I credit to giving the length. I really like it as it gets really close into my lash roots, and is thin enough that it can reach into my inner corner to get all those fiddly lashes that are a pain to get!
Will I re-purchase? I want to say yes, but at £10 I’m just not convinced it is fully worth that.


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  • Reply Renay Shanel September 20, 2010 at 6:09 am

    I looooooooooove My Body Shop Mascara! 🙂 Great post!

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