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February 11, 2015

Each season Nails Inc do a fabulous job at creating great colours that match the trends and sometimes a stand out nail colour can make a huge difference with the way your outfit will look. Clockwise from the top are: Covent Garden Place, New Oxford Street, Baker Street and St Johns Wood. I’m absolutely loving Covent Garden Place right now, I’m back into my bright nail colours after the gloomy weather London has had recently, it’s nice to have a pop of colour. Hop over to my Instagram if you want to see the shade on my nails @MakeupLoveerBlog. The Gel Effect range is one of my favourite polish ranges, you get such a glossy and long lasting finish but it also conceals any imperfections that your nails might have it really plump’s up the nail. I can see myself wearing all three colours, though Covent Garden Place and Baker Street are my favourite out of them all. You can’t beat a bright pop of pink or a shocking blue to transform a plain outfit. St Johns Wood is part of Nails Inc’s newer line NailKale which is formulated with ‘supercharged kale extract‘ to deeply nourish and protect the nail from any breakage and splitting. Kale is known for containing high amount of vitamins A, C and K which stimulate advanced keratin production, that will help to make nails stronger, brighter and more nourished. NailKale is a great range if you want to have fashion forward colours on your nails whilst also still treating them, to ensure you have strong and healthy nails.   

You can purchase all four from Nails Inc. prices for Gel Effect are £15.00 and NailKale are £14.00  

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