Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel Reviewโ™ฅ

July 14, 2010
Cellnique sent me a few products to try, and I’ve been fitting them into my routine where I have the need/space. So this may take a few months too get through all the reviews, but that way I’m not going give you a massive influx from Cellnique! ๐Ÿ™‚
Anyway, on the review!
One of the product’s I was sent was Skin Action Sebum Gel, I was impressed they asked me questions about my skin in-order to pick product’s that are suited to my skin and my skin concerns. It is meant to reduce blackhead’s and whitehead’s in a gentle way, not annoying poking and squeezing your skin! They expect you to see results in 10 days with daily results.
This is my 17th day using this product, and I have to agree the blackhead’s and whitehead’s around my nose and on my chin are literally almost totally gone, I have a few but I’m ok with that. At first I had my doubt’s whether this would actually do anything but it has impressed me, it has also made my t-zone significantly less oily, I’m only experience a little oil on very hot days. 
Another way to use this is to dab some onto a blemish or one that is forming and it aid’s to get rid/prevent it forming. This has been good at stopping one’s that were forming but for me it didn’t do much to one’s that had already formed.
It is a hazy serum, a little cloudy, and very light weight it just melts on contact with skin. Sink’s in very quickly, and there isn’t a sticky or greasy after feeling. Thumb’s up! It does have a scent to it, peppermint, it isn’t a overpowering scent it is mild.
The packaging of the whole range is very sleek, classy and practical. You can tell they spent time trying to make the packaging special.
If you have any stubborn blackhead’s or whitehead’s then I think this is something you’ll love to get them gone for good.
RRP $51 for 30ml
You can buy it HERE


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