Elie Saab Perfume Love!

August 29, 2012
Elie Saab Le Parfum, available from The Perfume Shop prices start at £32.50

When Elie Saab launched this debut perfume, it instantly caught my eye from the buzz that was swirling round, there was something in this woody floral scent that many were falling in love with. 
From the Press Release:

“Composed as an ode to light, ELIE SAAB Le Parfum celebrates the splendor and the brilliance of radiant femininity with a floral solar woody theme. The permanent exchange between flowers and wood is what gives the fragrance such captivating resonance.”
The notes in the perfume include, top: Orange Blossom, heart: Jasmine & Patchouli and base: Cedar Wood & Rose-Honey. They include my favourites so I knew before testing this I would love it, I certainly wasn’t wrong and this has become my new favourite perfume. There have been fashion designer perfumes in the past that I had hoped I would love but they weren’t anything special and were quickly passed on to friends or family, however Eli Saab composed by the fabulous Francis Kurkdjian (google him he has created some well loved perfumes) has created an instant classic with Le Parfum. The mix of the bright Orange Blossom, with Patchouli adding depth and once it settles they fade but don’t disappear and you are left with a warm, woody cedar base that lingers all day. I can spritz this on in the morning and still smell it on my skin hours and hours later, to me that is a sign of a great scent. Though I am a sucker for rich deep floral scents that fade to a warm and woody base. 
Now perhaps this isn’t a new scent for some but this seems new to me, if you catch my train of thought, I have many scents that perhaps on paper appear similar but on my skin it is nothing like anything else I have in my perfume stash. This is definitely worth stopping and trying if you are near a perfume counter. 
Have you tried this? What did you think?

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    I Love Elie Saab Perfumes

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