err a late… Sunday Session♥

November 10, 2010

♥ Texts/Emails – I have sent a million this week, at least it feels like I have, so many threads with hundreds of messages on my BB. Addict? Yes!
♥ TV – Since I’m ill I have been glued to the TV.. The Big Bang Theory, America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl & The Only Way Is Essex!
♥ Body Lotion – Specifically the Green & Spring ones, their relaxing one is soooo soothing it has really helped me to drift off into the land of fluffy cotton candy clouds and dreams. The review is coming up soon.
♥ Nails – Glitter nail polish all the way this week, I will try post a picture tomorrow of my current colour of choice OPI Show It and Glow It. Such a pretty pink/purple glitter shade.
♥ Writing – I used to be a big writer, always jotting something down or doodling a picture but something made me stop. Anyway this week I have cracked out my journal and kept it by my side, it’s surprised me how many pages I have filled this week!
♥ Friends – They get another mention this week, for just being AMAZING!

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