November 27, 2008

There are loads of different eyeshadows out there, and loads of terms are used. I found this on a website and thought it was very helpful..

“Eyeshadow Lingo:

  • Frosted shadow contains sparkle and is high-shine. Avoid these shadows on mature skin, as they draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Highlighters are used on the browbone and at the inner and outer corner to brighten and emphasize the eye.
  • Matte shadows contain no shine and look more natural. These are good for defining eyes and using as an underlying color.
  • Metallic shadows are used shadows that have a metal finish. They create a more dramatic, nighttime look.
  • Midtones are natural colors that are swept over the eye for definition. Mid tones are usually close to your skin complexion.
  • Powder shadows either come pressed or loose and are good for blending and typically the eye shadow of choice.
  • Crème shadow comes in both matte and shimmery finishes. If applied underneath a powder shadow, it can create a more intense color.
  • Liquid eyeshadows typically have a shimmery finish, and can be difficult to blend.
  • Shimmer shadows are great for mature skin because they’re subtle enough to not bring out fine lines and wrinkles. Shimmers are also useful for highlighting.
  • Satin shadows have a finish that is in between a matte and shimmer shadow, and works well on all skin types.”

Hope this explains it better for you 🙂


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