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May 8, 2011

Whilst in London earlier this month I got the chance to try out one of the latest beauty trends atm, it is popping up everywhere with rave reviews. I was a little apprehensive about trying a ‘fish pedicure’ it does look a little scary but it is nothing to be worried about at all. These little fish naturally feed on dead cells from fish, plant life and even us! With no teeth they remove the dead cells but sucking on whatever tasty treat they choose, so no pain involved at all and in turn they leave our feet (or hands) very soft.

It is actually a practice that has been used for hundreds of years in Turkey to help people who suffer from skin conditions such as cerises or eczema as the enzymes they produce whilst nibbling away help to soothe and heal the skin. The treatment was introduced to the UK last year, and Aqua Sheko was the first salon in London to bring this pedicure to the masses. 

Walking in the Aqua Sheko salon in Kensington the staff were so friendly and welcoming, it is a very relaxing atmosphere a little tranquil bubble away from all the hustle and bustle of a busy London. My feet were very sore after a full day of walking about London in very high heels, they definitely deserved a relaxing break. 

I was talked through the process and what the treatment involved. My feet were thoroughly cleaned and then checked to ensure I had no small cuts on the skin, this ensures everything is kept very clean so no nasty infections etc can be passed on. After that you are taken to a tank to have a comfy seat above a tank to begin.

Now I had a  lot of questions running through my mind, would it hurt? would it tickle? would it work? I was of course worried I would yank my feet out as soon as they rush to my feet. They gather in the tank as they can see you approaching just waiting for you (scary right?) and waiting for their dinner. I didn’t embarrass myself by squealing and after a couple of minutes getting used to the sensation it was fine. The fish feel like bubbles on your feet, similar to being in a jacuzzi. I forgot I had my feet in a tank full of little fish snacking my dead skin, as you relax you don’t notice the feeling (too much). The treatment is then finished with a wonderful and relaxing foot massage which was divine, I think the added treat of being sat in a massage chair was great too.

The staff were fabulous answering all my questions about the treatment, and telling me their own experience with the little chaps.

As for the results? It really does work, my feet were a lot softer the biggest difference for me was my heels where I suffer from quite bad dry skin and I saw the best results after the treatment. The fish definitely had a plentiful suffer snacking on my feet. I found this treatment far more effective than any pedicures I have had done at a salon, it was certainly a whole host more relaxing as well. It was a very relaxing and pleasant experience, I will certainly be on the look out for a salon in Glasgow to carry on this treatment as I had really good results.

If you want to try this out I highly recommend Aqua Sheko, treatments start at £17 for 15mins. They have two locations in London, Soho and Kensington.

For more information you can click HERE

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