I need a Steep Clean asap! ♥

February 16, 2011
Bliss do a fabulous range of products and I’m loving the Steep Clean range. From the line of products this face mask has really stood out for me, it is truly a star if you suffer from congestion in the skin. I get quite bad clogged pores around my mouth and chin which is a big problem for me, over the last week or so this has been the product I’ve stuck with treatment wise in order to battle the horrid things deeo within the depths of my skin.
In just 15 minutes it digs deep and removes anything nasty stuff from right down in the pores, all whilst exfoliating the skin and battling any excess oil on the skin. I get a little excess oil on my tzone something a lot of us get, and this is a good treatment to help balance that. I specifically noticed a difference the next day when I applied my make-up it went on so much better and lasted a lot longer. I didn’t feel the need to use a primer under my make-up and I was right, my face looked great.
I like that it has the two sections that you mix together, you pump out equal amounts of the blue and yellow then miss them between your fingers until it has turned green. Then massage it in circular motions on the skin, I pay extra attention to the areas I get the congestion by spending an extra minute massaging it in.
Then just sit back put your feet up with a lovely cup of tea for 15 minutes whilst this does wonders for you. 
Then wash it off like you would any other mask, I use a facial sponge just to ensure I get all the product off my skin and it it thoroughly cleaned. It really does give your skin a Steep Clean, and leaves you with detoxed and smooth skin.
So I will continue to use this for another month, and lets see if this will be the product to finally shift the nasty congestion on my chin. Look out for review part 2!

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  • Reply G A B Y February 16, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    The two sections look cool! Hope it works well for your chin (=

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