In and Out with a NOTD

October 30, 2011

Starting with out this week:

– Hospitals; I’ve been off work this week rather poorly my kidney infection from two weeks ago that I thought has cleared up actually didn’t, it clearly was having too much fun in my body. This meant numerous trips to my GP and being admitted into hospital, something I didn’t want as I get really scared in hospital. Being put on strong sedatives that really knock me meaning evening when I am awake, I’m not really with it. As I type this at 3am I’ awaiting a call from the Doctor as I’m in a lot of pain and despite being on 3 painkillers plus 2 sedatives and a cocktail of other medication I’m doubled out (the laptop is at my feet I am literally bent over)

– Missing the blonde blonde hair; as much as everyone loves the new hair colour on me, me included, I do keep looking at old pictures that make me want to run to the hairdresser and ask for the bleach back. However this colour is nicer and I will stick with it. For now.
– Not having the boyfriend around; I’m ill and I want to snuggle up next to him. Simple. I love his cheesy grin.

– Being spaced out; I get why I am on the sedatives but right now it doesn’t feel great. 
– Rain; please can we have some sun back? We pretty much missed summer Britain was robbed!

– Bliss Triple Oxygen skin products; I have been using a lot of Bliss products lately (post coming soon) and they have really improved my skin, I’ve noticed such a big difference in two weeks. The oxygen face mask in particular is a fabulous product, I had a facial done in Glasgow by Bliss and have used the mask ever since. 
– Perfume; Elli Saab, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, Chloe Rose Edition, Caudalie (the red one).. I could go on and on. When I feel a little down a quick spritz of a loved perfume instantly picks me up and brings back good memories attached. 
– Peach Ice Tea; When I’m ill I crave this stuff and the bestie brought me a HUGE bottle yesterday so I have been drinking it like its going out of fashion. It’s so addictive, over summer not a day passed where I didn’t have a costa ice tea.
– By Terry Baume De Rose; It is crazily expensive but it is the best and I cannot get enough of it I am going through it too quickly for my liking. 

– Good Things; The new body products smell yummy and make my skin feel great I will do a post soon, it’s long overdue. I’m thrilled they are doing body products as I love the facial skin range, the wipes and mask are two firm favorites of mine that I repurchase time and time again. 

I’ll finished with my nails courtesy of Elegant Touch

These are SO out of my pale pink or glitter comfort zone but when they popped through my door I couldn’t resist whacking them out just for the fun of it. Elegant touch has always been a favorite of mine for false nails, they do so many great designs everything from french manicure to bright tips to matte to prints like this. There is something for everyone, with a a budget friendly price point and great quality that will last more than your usual manicure. I find if you look after them and apply them correctly you can get atleast one weeks wear from a pack.
What do you think, does the Queenie Rock?

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    those nails are amazing!


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