It’s A Revolution From Urban Decay

July 22, 2015

Recently I have found myself reaching for more products from Urban Decay, their newer Revolution High-Colour Lip glosses and the Mascara Resurrection have been in my makeup bag constantly for weeks now. Urban Decay does lip’s and eye’s really well and these new products definitely don’t disappoint. The Revolution High-Colour Lip glosses is a full coverage, ultra pigmented formula that gives lips an opaque finish in one swipe, while still giving killer shine. Savage and Liar are the two colours I have worn the most of, they both are richly pigmented and feel really lovely on my lips. There a subtle balm/gloss hydration feel to them, plus there is no sticky feeling and there is zero smell or taste to them as well.  More often than not I am put off lip products because of their scent, so this formulation is an absolute dream for me personally. Some of the darker colours needed a second swipe to get that full coverage but for skipping a step in having to use a lipstick that’s fine by me. These little gems come in a pretty flat tube with a gunmetal finished cap, another plus is the fact you are able to see the product in the tube, so you know when you are running low. I need to pop down to my local counter and grab a couple more shades as this is my daily gloss.

Next up is the Mascara Resurrection which does exactly what it says on the tube, it really does bring your mascara back to life. The worst part about trying to touch up my makeup later on in the day or in the evening is my mascara, if you try to add more it just makes the lashes look crispy and clumpy – not an attractive look. For me my eyes are something I always try to accentuate with makeup, mascara is a product that I will always wear even if I am just at home. The clear refreshing serum combs through the lashes whilst softening the mascara, the curved wand allows it to really grab all the lashes and separate them. Before I tried this I did doubt how effective it would be but having thoroughly tested it I can safely say it works a treat. If you have a light coating of mascara on then a few swipes through the lashes and you can apply a second coat as if you had started from scratch. For heavier layers or waterproof mascara I suggest letting the serum sit on the lashes for a minute and allow it to penetrate the mascara you already have on. This little tube of wonder really does make the lashes more pliable and allows you to keep applying and refreshing your mascara throughout the day or night, with ease and speed. The formula is oil-free and contains lash friendly ingredients the hydrate lashes, copper powder and panthenol condition and bind moisture to the lashes to help keep them feeling healthy and soft.

All three now live happily in my makeup bag, instead of needing to carry around a few different lipsticks, glosses etc I just take these two with me. ‘Liar’ is a great daytime colour and ‘Savage’ is fab for nighttime or if I just fancy a pop of colour. Mascara Resurrection is a must have product for me now, rather than having to carefully layer up old coats of mascara to attempt to refresh the look of my eyes this one tube makes the process easier and there is no mess. Both are products I’d recommend but if you only try one make sure it is the Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection as it will change the daily challenges of day to night makeup a thing of the past.

Urban Decay Revolution High Colour Lip Gloss £15.00 and Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection £10.00

Both available from John Lewis.

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