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September 8, 2010
Over summer I have done a few post’s on body lotions, as I have started to take better care of my body and keep it hydrated. Now the brand Karin Herzog may not ring any bells with you, tbh if it wasn’t for the fact my salon back home used and sold this line I may not have either. They do a fabulous range of products, and if you ever get the chance at a salon try their Chocolate facial it is divine!
Their 3% Oxygen Body cream was a product that a couple months ago seemed to pop up on a few blogs, and it got my interest for the anti cellulite and hydration that the reviews boasted about.
I have developed sensitive skin on my body in the last year, and this hasn’t reacted at all which I was pleased about. It actually soothed my skin after another reaction I had, the cream is rich with vitamins and oxygen to stimulate the cirrulation in the skin making is soothed and soft. In terms of moisturising, it was very nourishing and rich yet it sank in quickly. My skin felt lovely after using this for a couple of weeks, it become more nourished and I saw a difference.
This boasts other amazing qualitie’s, it can help to heal scar tissues, acne marks, and has strong detox properties to help keep infection and bacteria from entering the skin and causing havoc, aswell as detoxing the skin and elminating toxins – helping to fight cellulite!
I wouldn’t say my cellulite is gone, but my legs and bum area are smoother and look alot more rejuvenated. They do a product called tone and tan which I think would be a great partner for this.
The other interesting way to using this is on your teeth when you brush them, as the oxygen helps to displace any stains on your teeth! Now I know what you are thinking “Ew that cannot be nice! Why on earth would use body lotion on your teeth?!” but I have tried and tested this, and let me tell you it works!! Plus there is no nasty taste, I barely noticed any difference to tooth paste except there was no minty taste. My teeth were brighter and with continued use, it has lifted some staining I had.
Will I re-purchase? Yes, and hopefully the tone and tan aswell. I may try some of their skin care too, the chocolate range sounds yummy, as well as they AHA creams and scrub.
150ml £35.00
You can buy it HERE 

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    I love karin herzog products, they are amazing!

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