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September 8, 2010
Another post from my mum, about a treatment she had done using Karin Herzog products, she loved it a-lot that she thought it would be good to share her view. We both are huge fans of Karin Herzog, I am hugely jealous she has a salon near that stocks/using the line!!
Take it away Mummy MakeupLoveer…
Karin Herzog Hydrodermabrasion at Marlow Nail & Beauty Salon

I was tempted into this treatment at my regular salon as they had a special half price offer on it. Let me tell you, its fabulous! My face has never felt so clean and smooth afterwards and a course of this treatment I’m sure would make a world of difference  to problem skin. Its not the most relaxing of treatments but its not uncomfortable, though you do get a kind of weird sensation when they work the jets around your nose area, a bit like standing infront of a powerful fan and the air being forced up your nostrils, but this only lasts a few seconds and Becky who did my treatment let me know in advance what would happen. I have rosacea and was concerned this would irritate it more, but no if anything it calmed the redness down. My make up the next day went on like a dream, my skin really was so smooth. Amazing treatment at an amazing salon.

Go take a look at what they offer HERE!

Jennifer x

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