Laura Geller Baked Blusher

December 11, 2014
Laura Geller is one of my favourite make-up brands right now
and with each new product I try, I seem to find another product, shade, texture
that I like. The baked blushers from Laura Geller have been the only blushers I
have used for a couple of months now, the pigmentation pay off is brilliant and
they glide on with a creamy feel so they are easy to blend and build up colour
if you want. Much like the other baked products they start off their journey as
a cream mousse and then are baked for 24 hours in Italy, the result is a baked
powder that somehow doesn’t feel or look like a powder. Her baked range are renowned
for being incredibly soft and creamy once applied to the skin, the Balance ‘n’ Brighten foundation is a dream. I find on me
they last pretty well, I do top it up a little late afternoon but unless you
were doing something in the evening I don’t think you would need too. So far I have 6 colours and I can see myself adding to this,
these have to be in my top 3 favourite blushers. 
This colour is Lychee Rose and is Β£24.00 from QVC UK here!

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