Lipgloss dupe? MAC and NYX?

April 8, 2010

I was putting on MAC’s Boy Bait l/g today and as i was putting it back i noticed another similar colour in my collection. When it comes to glosses i tend to always have numerous pinky colours, but tbh boy bait had always been that one nudey colour i hadnt found a dupe for.

So i asked myself how the hell had i not noticed this dupe IN MY COLLECTION earlier? lol, im so blind at times.

Well ive taken a couple of photos to see if you guys agree with me…

Left, NYX whipped. Right, MAC Boy Bait.

In the packaging they look the same, i asked bestfriend and the boyfriend both agreed they look identical.
Packaging too is fairly similar, both with doe foot aplicators, clear so you can see through. I like this aspect you can see how much i have left, so i know when i need to pick another one up before i run out, something that annoys me with other brands.
Also to note, despite the MAC looking to be the bigger tube, it would make you presume that you are getting more product than NYX but its the other way around
MAC – 2.4ml = £14.50?
NYX – 2.5ml = £4?
Prices im not too sure on how much i paid for either of these, but if you want to buy them, a quick search on google and youll find more accurate pricing.
Onto the actual swatches…
left, NYX. right, MAC
Now despite how they have turned out in the picture, they look far more alike in ‘real life’. The camera has definately picked up on the pinky slight shimmer that the NYX gloss has in it, whereas the MAC is a oure creamy finish no shimmer or anything. But i have to say the ‘shimmer’ in the NYX gloss is only really visible in photos, as shown.
Both are non-sticky glosses, i dont think either last a lengthy amount of time, i find myself re-applying after an hour with both glosses.
Which is my preference? Im going to say MAC boy bait, out of the two its the one i always reach for, but im pleased i have a cheaper back up for when i run out.
Have you tried either? Which do you like?
And do you have any similar gloss suggestions?

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  • Reply Rosie April 8, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    They're definitely similar enough to save a tenner, but I've tried anything by NYX.

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