Liz Earle Botanical Aftersun Gel – LOVE

September 17, 2011
Liz Earle’s Botanical Aftersun Gel has been a big source of comfort and refreshment for me during the very few days of hot weather we have had. I have rather weird skin when it comes to tanning naturally, if my skin is well hydrated I got browner than brown BUT if my skin is dry then I burn. Strange no?
Since I have been suffering with terrible dry skin on my body recently it was clear I was going to burn at some point over summer. This was the first thing I was reaching for when I could feel/see the heat in my skin, lathering it all on.

The light, lavender smelling gel dehydrates my skin in a flash. With some lovely sounding ingredients like organic aloe vera, organic cucumber and premium high-altitude lavender all help to keep your skin calm, whilst soothing the skin from any nasty sun burn. All coming together to nourish the skin and give you cool refreshing relief. 
I. Love. It.
Basically: Feels nice, smells amazing and does the job of counteracting the damaging effects the sun can do in your skin (thanks to the vitamin E)

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