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June 7, 2010
Hopefully you read my review before (if not click HERE to read it)
I have loved this from the go, but over the past few weeks using this my hair has become so silky and soft, and shiney. I can even skip conditioner and it doesnt affect the condition of it, still soft. 
From using this i really feel that the condition of my hair has improved greatly.
If i were to recommend one product that i have tried in the month of May it would be this over everything else.
Here’s what some others think:
“My hair feels a lot stronger and healthier – a perfect 10/10. For a full review, and a translation of the blurb on the bottle, please check out my blog: 


Susan, Ireland

… Hair felt nice and clean afterwards 

My sensitive/eczema prone scalp wasn’t irritated at all …” 
To read my full review visit my blog 

Katy, England

Fancy giving this a go on your locks.. tip toe over to MyPure and buy it HERE
£4.99 for 200ml

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