Nails Inc Gel Effect Nail Polishes

October 24, 2014
know I’m a little late in talking about the Nails Inc Gel Effect colours but I
think it’s safe to say I am pretty much now fully in love Gel Effect right now,
especially the darker shades now that we are coming into winter. It all started
out with one lonely colour (Downtown) and the next thing I know I had a total
of 11 (although two of those are Uptown as I absolutely love that colour). They
makes some big claims on their formula, high shine, plumping and has a long hard wearing finish. The
brush in the Gel Effect polishes is brilliant the curved shape really allows
you to get close to the cuticle, really hugging it so you get the perfect edge.
It is also quite a wide brush compared to the original line up, which is great
at getting my nails done in 2-3 strokes, no need to keep going back and
retouching the edges. Compared to the core line range of Nails Inc the gel
effect certainly has more of a shine to it, it really has a glossy wet look.
Although I always wear a top coat to help the colour stay on longer. I was
impressed with how well it wore on my nails I got a good 5 days before finally
on the 6th day I had to remove it but then again I am fairly fussy
with my nails and always like them to be perfect. The formula is also brilliant at self levelling itself out, giving a plump smooth look to the nail, thanks to their ‘Placticiser Technology’. 
certainly getting a lot of my friends asking to borrow them so I think all
round this range gets a big ol’ thumbs up from me.
Colours in order from top to bottom, left to right: Colville Mews, Porchester Square, Hyde Park Place / New Oxford Street, Old Bond Street, West End / Uptown, Uptown, Downtown / Victoria, Grosvenor Crescent.
I will upload photos later showing each colour on the nail. I’m currently wearing New Oxford Street which I had had on for 5 days when I took this picture. 

Prices start from £14.00 And
can be purchased here

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