Neal&Wolf Part 1♥

June 15, 2010
I was contacted my Neal & Wolf’s PR asking if i would like to review some of their products to review, i got to choose 3 products, this is going to be the first review for ‘Harmony’ which is a deep conditioning treatment.
What the website says:
“HARMONY has been specially created to repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation. 

The difference in texture and appearance is truly stunning, leaving hair shiny, healthy and manageable.
What do i think:
I have been really focused on the condition of my hair lately, specifically my ends! They are splitting like crazy and feel so so dry, i have been conditioning loads recently to try help this to avoid a trim. So when i got the chance to try out a new conditioning treatment i said yes, of course. 
Over the past week and a bit i have used this this ever 3 days to give my hair an intense boost of moisture. I really like how soft my ends feel after i dry my hair, and after i have washed it out my hair feels, still moisturised not stripped of anything.
It also makes my shower smell nice, like baby powder, i really really love this scent. I find myself grabbing my hair and sneaking a little smell, as im doing now 🙂
The consistancy of Harmony is a thick cream, but surprisingly light, this does not weigh my hair down at all. I use a little over a pea sized amount as i like to apply extra to my ends.
I apply this into my hair then pop my hair into a shower cap to make sure my hair gets the full benefits of the treatment.
Like i said this is light enough to use every day, i have been doing this to the end of my hair extensions, every day as hair extensions tend to wear more quickly than my own hair. It works really nicely for giving them moisture and reducing any damage i do or have done with heat tools or daily wear.
I haven’t tried this daily on my own hair, as i simply don’t need to as doing this treatment every 3 days is more than enough to keep my hair soft&shiney.
After blow drying my hair, it is always soft and healthy looking, with a natural shine, i haven’t had to use my shine spray (only a little on my ends).
The packaging is sleek, and practical. The tube makes it easy to use in the shower, and it looks pretty sitting in my shower room. This would certainly catch my eye if i were in a salon or browsing.
This is a fab product for use on hair extensions i really recommend it for that, as well as for your own hair. It smells lovely, and really preforms for your hair
Would i re-buy this? Yes, but i don’t think straight away, i still want to keep trying more deep conditioning treatments.
RRP £12.95
you can buy it HERE
  • Have you tried any Neal&Wolf products? What did you like&why?


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