Neom Restore Candle

February 8, 2012
Having had a very stressful month I’ve been on a search for products that aim to aid relaxation, anything from oils to lotions to candles. Neom Restore Home Candle is a relaxing mix of Jasmine, Ginger and Sandalwood coming together to restore that peace of mind and  bring your inner self more ‘together’. Neom suggest this candle for anyone who feels a little frazzled or stressed, and they also suggest it is good for people suffering from nausea – I presume this will be down to the relaxing and restoring aroma the candle creates. I have to say this is one of the nicest candles I’ve experienced, the 3 wicks are clean burning and will last up to 55 hours. With sleeking packaging, it will fit in your house anywhere, I really love that despite all the different scents Neom offer their wax is a pure ivory shade – I cannot stand when brands put colour into the wax.
For £37.50 I think this is great for balancing your mind and helping your mental and physical recuperation.

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