Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

September 5, 2011

Hey guys so I may or may not have left all my posts n draft form so you won’t be reading those this week. However I am blogging from my phone, I cna’t guarentee they will be all beauty related posts but since I’m away for a bit I may as well keep you in the loop with what I’m doing.

I’m writing this right now as I sit outside our house for the week, watching the sea below with the waves crashing with the warm sun on my face – granted the breeze is ruining it a little but none the less relaxing. 

It is so nice just to be away out of the same place, away from the city even for just a week and to be by the beach. I’m not anywhere snazzy just a nice family trip down to Cornwall. Senen Cove to be exact, a lot of fond memories for all of us here. 

Waking up in the morning bright and breezy at 7am to blue skies and the sound of the waves crashing, no cars, no city noises just the world passing by. 

So yes I’ll be updating hopefully a couple of times from here. I shall leave you with a snap I have taken over the weekend, nothing amazing but rather good for someone who usually can’t take good photographs, I will upload a few more tonight fingers crossed (there is no web here!!!!)

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  • Reply Stacey September 5, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Have a fab time hun! It's nice to get away from it all every now and then x x

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