Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

December 11, 2014
Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat
I have never had great nails, after using nail extensions as a young teen they never seemed to recover. We all have things we wished we could change and for me my nails were one of them. I have spent years buying every nail treatment out there that would claim to give you healthy strong nails and none seemed to ever really work. A couple of months ago I came across Perfect Formula on QVC and decided to give it a go. I wanted to test their claims of it being like “a suit of armor for your nails”. And WOW! After just one coat the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat had made my nails brighter, the tips whiter and felt a lot stronger. It gave my nails an instant strength and a pretty rosy pink tint. It certainly was an impressive start for the products claims, after a month of using Pink Gel Coat once a week under my nail colours my nails were finally starting to grow and become stronger. No longer did it seem I was repairing splits and breaks in my nails on a daily basis. 
Pink Gel Coat is formulated to fix any nail concern from thin nails, to soft & weak or dry & brittle nails, as well as disguising discolouration thanks to the pink tint. The protein rich gel really packs a punch for me, I haven’t used another brand in months as in one bottle I have something that keeps my nails healthy and strong, whilst looking great even without colour on. Perfect Formula also have a range of coloured nail polishes which have the same great formula and benefits as the Pink Gel Coat, just with the added bonus of being a colour too, they are your treatment, base coat, colour and top coat all in one bottle. 
If you are hiding away your nails under extensions I cannot recommend Pink Gel Coat enough. I bought my first bottle from QVC who offer a 30 money back policy. My nails were greatly improved with 30 days so give it a go and if after a month it doesn’t work for you at least you can get your money back,
If you want fabulous nails too grab a bottle from QVC UK here £25.50 for a duo of the Pink Gel Coat.

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