Perricone No Concealer Concealer

November 19, 2014
I was
looking for a high quality concealer that also boasted some sort of treatment
too, as well as an SPF. The price of this did make a little sceptical along
with the skincare/makeup hybrid, as so many products that mix skincare and
makeup often come out as a washy tint. So I was actually pleasantly surprised
when I finally got this and it wasn’t like my previous thoughts. It’s quite a
thick texture but still very creamy and hydrating. It gives a medium to full
coverage depending on how much you apply, the lasting abilities are pretty
impressive too I didn’t notice it slide off my face till late on in the
evening, it beat some products that I thought were great but this put them to
shame. The coverage easily covers my dark circles from sleepless nights as well
as being enough to cover any spots or blemishes I have too. 
The only
downside for me would be the one shade suits all colour, fair to medium skin
tones would be alright but I’m not sure how anyone darker than a deep medium
would suit it. The colour has a slight peachy tone to it as well, hence it’s
ability to cover dark circles well. 
At Β£37.00
for 9ml it is a higher priced concealer to purchase but for me the anti-ageing
eye treatment benefits mixed with the coverage it gives have made a recurrent
purchase for me lately. So if you are looking for a better concealer that possess
anti-ageing treatments, SPF and generally makes you look fresh then Dr
Perricone No Concealer Concealer is one to pop on your Christmas List to Santa.
You can purchase yours here!

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