June 11, 2009

I was asked my opinion on Benefit’s Georgia, and i have to say its not a product that i love alot. I very rarely reach for this product, they describe it as: “a ‘just peachy’ face powder”, and for me it doesnt do anything. As a face powder its far too light, as a blush again its far too pale and the time it takes to uild up the product just isnt worth it for the sheer colour pay off and as a high lighter i just feel it doesnt illuminate my cheek bones enough. My biggest problem is the scent, it is far too strong for a face powder every time i open the box i immediately want to close it again to get rid of the synthetic scent that i presume is meant to be peach? but it fails to meet that description. It is priced at around £22 and in my opinion i could go to MAC and get something for far better value that i for sure would use alot more. So for now until i come up with some use for this, it will remain tucked away in my collection.

Hope that helps,
Lu 🙂

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  • Reply Lauren July 6, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    I'd also fancied trying this, but at that price I was a bit unsure. Thanks for warning me off it

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