Review: The Body Shop Vitamin C Micro Refiner

June 8, 2009

This is a review for the Body Shop Vitamin C Micro Refine, which i was kindly sent to try and give my opinions.
Now when i first had a play with this product i was really excited, it seemed to remove all my dead cells and my skin seemed to glow, however, my skin has issues with some makeup cleansers and scrubs they had to be very gentle otherwise my skin comes out in a rash and i can get really painful breakout.

So up until now i thought i was safe until i woke up this morning and everywhere i had used this was covered in a bumpy horrible rash (no pictures as i find it rather embarassing).

But i have to say, wow to this product i just wish i could use it! My skin had this lovely glow to it. So im going to see whether its something i can use every so often maybe before a party or special dinner so that my skin is looking tip top.

Now onto the facts, this is described by the Blody Shop as:

“A rich and creamy facial exfoliating product with tiny scrub particles that work effectively to deep cleanse and remove dead skin cells, instantly improving skin texture and tone to leave it looking and feeling softer, smoother and more refined and radiant. Its zesty scent complements the scrub action for a refreshed and invigorated feel.”

It is very creamy and thick, as you can see from the pictures, even when spread out it still has the creamy feel, it is very grainy though, so if you dont like that kind of scrub stay clear of this one. It has alot of granuals, and thats the kind of scrub i like because to me if i can see/feel the product doing something then i feel like its really working (this is exactly what im like with shampoo i need to see it foam lol) its not as harsh as some can be, and i think this is due to the thick texture which acts like a cushion to stop it over scrubbing ?

The scrub is lovely and definately something i will persist with every so often as i love the radiant complexion i get but for now ill have to stick with my origins scrub, as i continue my search for a scrub and makeup remover that are gentle enough.

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