Sigma F80 Review♥

September 23, 2010

Sigma have really out done themselves with the F80 Flat top kabuki brush, it is one of the best make-up brushes out there right now! It is definitely the jewel in the beautiful Sigma Crown.

I find this brush so multi-purpose it works perfectly with liquid, cream, powder or mineral foundation and it is amazing for bronzer too – it makes contouring look natural like you were born with chiselled cheek bones . It blends and buffs any product into your skin so well, you don’t need to worry about having ‘cakey‘ or ‘thick‘ foundation. For me this kicks all my other foundation brushes out of the water.

The reason I feel it works so well is the density of the brush, the bristles are packed in there tight but it still gives the right amount of movement to make make-up application easy peasy whilst giving a flawless soft finish. It also means unlike a lot of other foundation brushes it won’t absorb your foundation or liquid make-up into it, saving you from wasting or using excess product. 

(excuse my brush being dirty I just used it!)

For a synthetic brush it is incredibly soft, something you can say about the majority of Sigma’s brushes. When I first opened my package I couldn’t stop running this over my face, it is soft and dreamy on your skin. Unlike other brushes the shedding is minimal, I have washed this a few time and haven’t had more than a hair or two come out, impressive!

I’m sure you can all tell by now how much I love this brush! For me it has given me the airbrushed look that I’ve longed for the MAC 187 to give me, it distributes my foundation easily over my skin, buffing it into my pores along the way to help them to look smaller (almost not even there!).

But above everything else the best feature of this brush has to be the price, $16.00, much cheaper than a MAC brush yet works much better than some of my MAC brushes! Definitely a brush everyone needs to invest in.

Hop, skip and jump over to Sigma Makeup to get yours now.

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  • Reply FunnyFaceBeauty September 23, 2010 at 1:46 am

    Ive wanted to try this brush for awhile. I can just imagine how great it would be for foundation or bronzer. I think I may have to ask for it for christmas.
    Don't know if you've checked it out already but I have a big giveaway going on right now (9 M.A.C products, an UD Naked Palette and more).


  • Reply Renay Shanel September 24, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    I have not tried anything from Sigma! I would love to try this brush. I plan to get some in the future! Thank you for your post. You remind me to look over my wishlist 🙂

  • Reply clairerob22 October 3, 2010 at 11:26 am

    hey, after reading your reviews I am wanting to buy some sigma brushes but I am just wondering did you have to pay any extra charges on top of delivery?! Thanks x

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