Smokey blue eye

January 16, 2009

Again in photos as youtube doesnt want to upload my videos:

1. Smudge some MAC prep and prime over the entire eyelid
2. Next place MAC shadestick in Sharkskin over the eye lid up to the crease
3. Smudge the edge of the shadestick so it looks softer

4. Take a 239 brush and press Electric Eel over the sharkskin

5. Then with 239 place some deep truth onto the crease

6. Then blend with the 224
7. Then using the 224 Blend some Pandimonia (? i think ?) into the outer crease

8. Take a slanted brush and use Aquadisiac to line lower lash line

9. Then take a Clinique eyeliner brush and blend deep truth on the outer lower lash line


Hope you enjoy

Lu x

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