Snow day!

February 2, 2009

This is what i missed about scotland.. snow.. pj’s and a good movie. I love snow days, its an excuse to be lazy and chill out in bed 🙂

This is how my village looked today.. isnt the river stunning! I was awake this morning as the snow was falling and it was beautiful i took a couple of piccies.. 🙂 Look at all the snow falling! how pretty.. it makes me smile..

Endless films and hot chocolate make snow days fun.

Lush. Things im IN to.
– Snow Snow Snow
– Clinique Fake Tan
– Manicures
– MAC snob lipstick
– Jo Malone Candles
– Thick tight’s and Cardi’s
– NARS madly blush
– CHI hair products
– My Blog
– WW1 Literature

Nah. Things im NOT in to.
– Cold
– Ill
– School homework
– Fake Tan patch missing
– Youtube not uploading my videos!! :@

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