Surprise surprise, men are rubbish at buying gifts♥

December 12, 2010
The title sums this post up well. Top ten presents men buy for their partner that they really want for themselves:

1. DVDs
2. Digital camera
3. Laptop
4. Tickets to a concert/event
5. A weekend away
6. A holiday
7. iPod
8. Nintendo Wii
9. Computer

Four out of ten men are planning to buy a gift for their wife or partner this
Christmas – just so they can use it themselves, a study by The Perfume
Shop revealed yesterday.
Instead of buying their partner’s dream gift, forty per cent of cheeky
blokes admitted they are going to get something they want instead, such
as a TV or a games console, and pass it off as a present.
However, researchers found that women aren’t as clueless as men think
as 36 per cent said they had opened a present and soon realised they
had only been given it because it was something their man wanted for
And 15 per cent of men have ended up having a row with their..
Guys get something your girl actually will want for Christmas, The Perfume Shop have loads of great perfume sets that are perfect! Although if anyone wants to get me a holiday or new laptop I wouldn’t mind!! hehe

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  • Reply CutieCocoChanel December 12, 2010 at 4:33 am

    Hehe i guess not only men do that, cuz i do it too!
    like i buy my bf some clothes and i end up stealing them to wear 🙂
    same with perfumes and jewelry XD
    Much Love Chanel

  • Reply Leanne December 12, 2010 at 11:44 am

    I wouldn't complain about any of those gifts! I wouldn't care if he mostly only wanted it for himself, either, as long as I got to make use of whatever it was too!
    I'd much rather have event tickets, a laptop, a weekend away etc than a perfume set. A perfume set always seems like a lazy cop out gift unless it's something you asked for!

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