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    In and Out with a NOTD

    Starting with out this week: Out – Hospitals; I’ve been off work this week rather poorly my kidney infection from two weeks ago that I thought has cleared up actually didn’t, it clearly was…

    October 30, 2011
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    In & Out ♥

    ♥♥In  ♥ Being/Working in London ♥ Yes the 6am starts are a bit rubbish but I am loving being down south again, I really can’t see myself leaving again any time soon. I’ve been down…

    July 17, 2011
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    Monday ♥

    ♥In – Strong brows, over the last couple of months brows have been a focus point I almost feel naked without my brows and lashes being down. – Glitter polish, on my toes &…

    May 30, 2011