Top 5 Clinique Skin care items

February 3, 2009

Ive just posted a video on youtube, of my top 5 clinique items, so go have a look:


But i want to show some clear images and go into a little bit more detail on here as my webcam isnt the best and im still having youtube issues with my digi cam.

– Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, oily skin formulation
This is a really thorough soap that will not dry out the skin, it still has the amoliats added to keep essential moisture in your skin. It removes dirt, oil, and any impurities, but not makeup.

– Clinique Clarifying lotion, 3
Often referred to as a ‘toner’ this CLARIFYING LOTION is a mild form of daily exfoliation that sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal radiant bright looking skin, and from doing this the pores become unclogged aiding how your moisturiser is absorbed. I LOVE this my skin feels so clean and refreshed after this, it makes such a difference with makeup application, everything goes on ALOT smoother.

– Clinique Dramatically different moisturising GEL
DDMG rebalances the skins natural oil and water to make sure your moisture barrier, which is what keeps your skin healthy, is safe and that your skin remains healthy. You still need an additional moisturiser, as this contains no SPF anti aging etc

– Clinique Super Rescue, comb/oily
The Superdefence and Super Rescue range is by far my fave, my skin looks radiant and illuminated when i use these and i feel the benefits of having so many anti oxidents in my moisturisers, you can feel your skin just drinking it up! It is an age defence moisturiser, so its perfect to stop any lines appearing before i want them to.

– Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial
This was recently launched to replace the 15 min facial, and i have to say i love this formulation so much more, its easier to work with, not as messy, leaves a gorgeous sparkle on the skin after. Your skin really does get the benefits of the physical and chemical exfoliation here, my skin literally glows after using this. I use this 2-3 times a week, no more.

I just wanna say one thing, although i do work for clinique i do use other brands, and i do try as much as i can to avoid using Clinique items in posts/videos as i dont want there to be a conflict of interests, or for anyone to feel like im pushing Clinique on them !

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    Hi it’s nice to see you having a blog! It’s great! I was wondering how can I follow your blog? I don’t see the link anywhere on your page 🙁

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    its there now

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    thanks love. i want to try that new turnaround because the once that i have now in the pot i don’t like it much i don’t know what to do with it 🙁 i’ve put it up for a swap.

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