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February 12, 2011

So on Thursday I was lucky enough to have been invited by Bliss to their counter in Glasgow to have a treatment of my choice, they have just launched the treatments on counter for those who arent lucky enough to have a Bliss spa near (Bring one to Glasgow.. please?). I chose the ‘You Glow Girl’ facial as my skin was looking rather dull and needed a good boost.

It was just what my skin needed after a bad reaction to another brand of products I had been trying. I was greeted by Mel who is one of the brands top therapists, and she is absolutely lovely. Bliss is still a new brand to me and it was lovely to hear more about the brand and products. Mel explained everything so well as she did the facial, telling me what she was doing, why and what the products were doing aswell.  I also picked up a couple of tips. Mel discussed my skin concerns with me, and we chatted about what products I was using atm.

The facial itself was incredibly relaxing, and lay back as she worked her magic on my skin. It was using a combination of products from the steep clean range and the triple oxygen range. Mel also used the Bliss Pore-fector gadget as we had discussed that I was suffering from some congestion on my chin area that was rather stubborn and I was having trouble finding something to shift them. I have to say the pore-fector gadget was amazing, as she was using it you really do feel your skin renewing itself and becoming cleaner than anything you may have tried. Two of the other products that I loved were from the triple oxygen range and that was the masks for your eye area and face. 

The triple oxygen eye mask is described as an energy drink for your eyes, if you had a late night out on the town or just didn’t get enough sleep then these will be your new BFF. They really perked my eyes up and took away my puffiness that was rather bad that day. They added to that lovely soothing feeling and helped me to unwind some more.
The triple oxygen face mask was a product I have never come across before, and Mel explained it was the only foaming face mask on the market that actually has the oxygen capsules burst within the skin rather than on top like most other masks. Let me tell you this was a treat, it was a tingly sensation but at the same time very relaxing. You can see the bubbles foaming up on your face. Definitely something that really does work to brighten the skin and detox it too, pulling out all the nasty stuff!
The end results spoke for themselves, my skin was incredibly soft and literally glowing I don’t think I’ve walked away from a facial before with skin looking that good. As for the horrid breakouts and bumps on my skin, gone, instantly after my pores were reduced and all the gunk that had built up was removed. A day one and my breakouts have totally cleared up, just leaving my skin looking.. dare I saw rather gorgeous? 
Mel was absolutely amazing too, I have to do an extra little shout out for her. She really did go above and beyond, doing the extra treatment on my eyes and even pampering me to a wonderful hand and arm massage whilst I was there. Needless to say I was very relaxed. My last picture is of the gorgeous Mel herself, I couldn’t not post one could I? she was so lovely! 

I have now been left lusting after the triple oxygen range and the Pore-fector gadget, so I’m off to count my piggy bank!

A big thank you to Joanna from the Bliss PR team and to Mel for transforming my skin 🙂 If you are in the Glasgow area I suggest you get your bottom down to the counter and book yourself a little pamper session. 

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  • Reply LoveInTheCity February 17, 2011 at 4:39 am

    Why does this happen as soon as I move away from Glasgow? I'll definitely consider visiting Bliss in May as I'll hopefully be back in Glasgow to celebrate my birthday!


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