May 31, 2010

Now when it comes to fake tan you either love it, or you hate, your either beautifully bronzed or overly orange! I have had the orange moments, i was once soooo dark that even Estee Lauders darkest double wear shade was still a tad too light!! So when it comes to my tan fakery i think i’m pretty clued up now.

One bad point is the pump on my dark lotion doesnt work, i think its just mine, but its messier to apply cause i have to keep pouring some out!

Xen-Tan kindly sent me some bits to try out, a self tanning mitt, body scrub & their dark lotion. I was excited to slap on the dark lotion as i had heard such fabby things from the beauts on twitter. 

Prior to the application the night before i showered & shaved, and used the Xen-Tan body scrub. I really liked using the scrub it isn’t harsh at all, i found very fresh to use on the skin, and it certainly made my skin nice and smooth. It also helped with a couple of in grown hairs, bonus. I then applied my usual body lotion.

Flash forward to the next morning when i applied the dark lotion, a nice deep bronze colour came out, i was a little taken aback by it at first, but was smiling as i applied this, i knew i would come out lovely and bronzed. Scent wise i really liked it, reminded me of sweets i think, which made the application nicer yet. 

What i love the most about Xen-Tan is the speed of the tan developing, it takes on three hours, with my luxe lotion i get a dark tan in about 2 which is why i love my luxe lotion oh-so-much!! If you wanted to brave it, i would say leave the tan on all day and then shower it out at night, it just makes sure you get the deepest and darkest tan.

No. Streaks. When i apply lotion self tanners i just slap them on as long as i haven’t missed an area, they always turn out lovely, and the dark lotion was no exception. 

I cant tell you how long it lasted because im a tanner freak so i try not to let my tan die unless there is a need (damn hospital makin’ me patchy!). However with experience i find that Xen-Tan stays on me for 4-5 days, showering and moisturising every day is key to to though, to avoid a patchy fade!

Overall i love the dark lotion, its another Xen-Tan thumbs up from me! I love Xen-Tan a little more with each product i try.

I think they have a new tanner out/coming out? Saw it in Vogue i think, i need to get my golden hands on this asap!

Xen-Tan Dark lotion £25.95
Xen-Tan Body Scrub £12.95
Xen-Tan Tanning mitt £3.50

you can buy them in various stores or online HERE

What’s your fave tanning product? Or have you tried Xen-Tan? Thoughts..


p.s you will get to see me all golden in my next OOTD im currently in PJ’s & no makeup! Sorrryyy 

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